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FI strategies for improving your clients self-use in specific daily life situations w/ Donna Wood

June 3 & 4 Schedule:

Friday 6/3: 12PM - 6PM

Saturday 6/4: 10AM - 4:15PM

During this 2 day workshop we will focus on the dual aspect of giving Functional Integration lessons. An FI lesson evolves in the interaction between the practitioners actions, expressed through their self-use, and the student''s responses. 

The fact is our breath, our awareness and our way of moving are all experienced directly by the student and are an essential part of the overall process. The effort or effortlessness of the teacher's actions has a direct impact on the experience the student has and the outcome of the lesson.

The specific FI lessons will be oriented toward the clients daily life actions and will be immediately applicable to your practice.

This course is conceived both for people who want to reengage with the method after the pandemic and also for those who want to delve more deeply into their hands-on practice.


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