Arlyn Zones

About Arlyn Zones

Arlyn Zones MA (Theatre Arts)

Arlyn will be the Educational Director of the San Diego Awareness Through Movement® Training.  She will be responsible for orchestrating the curriculum, coordinating staff and accompanying each student in their process of learning.  Arlyn is known for her ability to bring people deeply into their sensory motor experience.  At the same time, she is clear and easy to follow. Drawing from her background in Theater she creates a dynamic atmosphere for learning and has a wide variety of ways to bring the material forward.  

Arlyn first discovered the Feldenkrais Method® through her studies in Theater. As a teacher of Movement for Actors she recognized immediately how the Awareness Through Movement lessons could lead young actors to inhabit themselves more fully on stage and also expand their range of physical and emotional expression.

During this time, she also attended her first workshop with Dr. Feldenkrais (1977) and was completely captivated by his vast understanding of human functioning and his dynamic way of teaching.  She joined his Professional Training Program in 1980 and graduated in 1983.  This would be the last program that Dr. Feldenkrais would conduct during his lifetime.

Since graduating from the Amherst Feldenkrais Professional Training Program in 1983, Arlyn has been continuously involved in all aspects of the Method.

 She is one of the most experienced Trainers in the U.S. and has taught in more than a hundred trainings worldwide. She has directed her own programs in Europe and North America. In addition, over the last 35+ years Arlyn has taught Feldenkrais workshops for health professionals, performing artists, and the general public as well as offering post graduate seminars for Feldenkrais Practitioners. She has taught ATM in a variety of settings including schools for children with learning differences, psychiatric hospitals and rehabilitation clinics. As of late she has been teaching weekly classes online as well as special seminars for an international audience.  

She lives in San Francisco where she maintains a private practice in which she works with infants, children and adults who are seeking help for a wide range of physical and neurological difficulties. She also works with people from the performing arts and those who simply wish to develop more ease and pleasure in their lives.