SF Bay Area Feldenkrais Training (Starting November '24)

We are excited to begin a new Feldenkrais Professional Training in November of 2024. This new program will be part-time (40 days per year including 20% online) and will be spread over 3 and 1/2 years leading to eligibility for full certification as a Feldenkrais Practitioner.

Elizabeth Beringer will be the Educational Director accompanied by many highly experience  and creative teachers.  Most segments will be spread over an 8 day period Saturday (of the first week) to Sunday of the following weekend, with Wednesday off in the middle. For further information and a schedule click here.

If you are interested in learning the details of this program send an email to: Office@FeldenkraisResources.com and ask to be put on our training interest list. This way you can be informed right away once we have more details.

Complete SF Bay Area Training Program Prospectus

Schedule for SF Bay Area Training Beginning 11/24


East/West Feldenkrais® Professional Training Program

If you are interested in visiting or joining the program, please contact True@FeldenkraisResources.com or call our office 619-220-8776.

Swiss Training begins this summer

Elizabeth Beringer and Martin Mosiman will be directing a new Feldenkrais training in Biel, Switzerland. (It will be held in English.) This will be the 5th Feldenkrais training Martin and Elizabeth will collaborate on in Switzerland.

The program begins July 2024 and ends 2028. For more information: feldenkraistraining.ch

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