Arlyn Zones

A Flexible Chest Audio Set

by Arlyn Zones

The flexibility or inflexibility of the chest impacts all aspects of our functioning. An improvement in the way the spine and ribs can move also improves the breathing, the way forces are transmitted through the skeleton, co-ordination and mental and emotional well being.
4 Audio CDs

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The live recording was made during a one day public workshop at Feldenkrais Resources to a crowd of over 50 participants in March 2005. The lessons are suitable for beginners as well as practitioners. Many practitioners have also enjoyed using these lessons to introduce Awareness Through Movementto their own students or as an adjunct to weekly classes.

What People Are Saying
"Arlyn's AFlexibleChest series is one of the most popular set of CD's offered through our clinic. Her exquisite pacing, engaging content, and clarity make it both a patient and staff favorite!" -Mindy Marantz MSPT, GCFP Director/owner Healthwell Physical Therapy Group San Francisco, Ca
  1. Talk: Making New Sensory Distinctions
  2. ATM Lesson: Hand to Heel Variations
  3. Talk: Working in the Imagination
  4. ATM Lesson: Circles of the Arm
  5. Talk: The Structure of the Ribs
  6. ATM Lesson: Circles of the Feet and Legs
  7. ATM Lesson: Minimal Folding of Shoulders & Hips (lying on back)