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Feldenkrais for Actors

Written by an experienced actor, theatre-maker and Feldenkrais practitioner, Feldenkrais for Actors leads you through a range of topics where using the Method can help, such as: Presence and Posture The Role of Tension Emotion, Character and Creativity Voice and Breath Injury and Anxiety Also included are dozens of exercises and lessons so that you can experience how the Method will help you in practice. Feldenkrais for Actors is the result of thirty years of study and experience of the Method, and the benefits it can bring. It is invaluable for actors at any stage of their career, as well as for singers, dancers, musicians, martial artists, athletes and more. From a blog post by the author: To explain how The Feldenkrais Methodå© helps actors is a big job. Indeed, it‰۪s just taken me a whole book - and even that‰۪s just an introduction as it opens up an enormous area of study. Presence, posture, voice, breath, spontaneity, sensitivity, versatility, flexibility are all addressed by this very profound and fundamental method. Let‰۪s just take one corner of it here: We could say that an actor is engaged in an examination of human behaviour couldn‰۪t we? Exploring and portraying people‰۪s different ways of living and responding to life. But if so, then how much do you, as an actor, know about your own behaviour for a start? If you want to be able to portray how someone else behaves, you need to know as much as you can about how you behave first or how can you make any kind of choice about what to do differently? It‰۪s notoriously difficult.