Elizabeth Beringer

Foundations of Strength

by Elizabeth Beringer

  • Learn to awaken the pleasure of strength
  • Use less energy to accomplish more
  • Learn to follow the signs that you are moving efficiently
  • Be safer as you exercise
  • Feel more centered

My students are often surprised to discover that their participation in a Feldenkrais class resulted in them having more stamina, feeling stronger or having more energy.

How can this happen when in class we are often moving slowly and utilizing awareness to facilitate improvement? Our muscles are often working against each other below the surface of our awareness. When this happens energy is lost and we fatigue faster.

By improving overall movement efficiency you can reliably find yourself with greater range and more focused movement. This forms the foundation for strong effective action. We will also investigate how elements of physical and emotional strength intertwine.

This series is for anyone new or experienced with the Feldenkrais Method who wants to find more pleasure and ease in strength.

"We are not interested in the the movement itself, but in the quality of mobilization: the strategy, the tactics, of organizing oneself for action. Whether its this particular movement is of no significance... Its the way we organize ourselves to do the movement that is important." -Moshe Feldenkrais


"I loved the way Elizabeth presented things. I was able to do things I "couldn't" do before because of how she described the movements. Her explanations were so insightful. It helped me understand better the relationship of the Feldenkrais Method to physical strength or strength training in the mainstream sense."

"The series was amazing. Elizabeth's talks were a treat and illuminated a fine nuance into Feldenkrais. As a trainee it was an excellent addition to my training. The selection of the lessons were great. In general, the whole experience was very positive. I felt more balanced and better connected to my core"

"love that my walking and posture have improved. My confidence in my ability to do things has increased"

"I learned about less effort and more awareness. Very helpful. I learned how to listen to and work with and befriend pain."

-Ellen Turgasen, Massage Therapist

"Experiencing my strength, when more and more of myself was involved in a movement, was such a great feeling!!! I loved myself and ... everything seemed possible!"

- Margit, Architect

"Several days after our very first session, I was doing dishes and realized that my legs had repositioned themselves in such a way that the burning pain I usually experienced while doing dishes for any length of time had disappeared! Since then I am more conscious of my stance and position while doing dishes and more conscious of switching from time to time...and doing the dishes has continued to be pain free!"

- Semerit Strachan, Wellness and Leadership Coach, artist, author

  • 01 ATM- Educate Your Core- Supported Sitting
  • 02 ATM_ Intro to Foundations of Strength_ Coordinating the Extremities (on your side)
  • 03 Q and A from Intro to Foundations of Strength
  • ATM #1_Better Alignment Leads to More Strength - Rolling Along the Spine on Your Back
  • ATM #2_Strong Support - Connecting Feet, Legs and Trunk
  • ATM #3_Balancing Strength through the Trunk and Arms, On Your Belly
  • ATM #4_Balancing Explorations with a Chair
  • ATM #5-Observing and Disturbing How We Embody Stress
  • ATM #6_Rolling Reversibly with Your Whole Self

Elizabeth Beringer has been involved with the practice and development of the Feldenkrais Method for more than 40 years. She studied directly with the founder Moshe Feldenkrais. She is the director of Feldenkrais Resources which includes the ongoing development of new educational materials and an active International teaching schedule. Currently, she is the educational director of ongoing training programs in the UK, Switzerland and at the Feldenkrais Institute of San Diego, where she maintains her private practice.