Elizabeth Beringer

Embodied Learning: Focus on the Knees and Ankles, Volume II

By Elizabeth Beringer

This series was specifically designed as a continuation of the first Volume. The lessons continue to focus on the healthy functioning of the legs.


By Elizabeth Beringer

All of the lessons in this second volume are grounded in the logic of the first set and increasing in complexity. We do recommend prior experience with the Feldenkrais Method. In particular, we recommend beginning with Embodied Learning: Focus On Knees and Ankles, Volume I.

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Themes developed in this continuation from Volume 1 include: the ability to fully bend and straighten the knees, improving the ability to bear weight efficiently, comfortable standing and walking, and the importance of the feet for healthy knees and ankles. Improvement in the functioning of the legs is always achieved in the context of the efficient use of the whole self.

We strongly suggest starting with Embodied Learning: Focus on the Knees and Ankles Volume 1.

Lesson Titles
  1. Improving The Bending Of Legs
  2. Connecting The Legs Into The Back
  3. Straightening The Leg On The Back
  4. Straightening The Leg And Rolling
  5. Sitting: Clarifying Movements Of The Foot
  6. Standing Up With Ease
  7. Sitting On The Heels
  8. Standing: Finding An Easy Alignment

Elizabeth Beringer has been involved with the practice and development of the Feldenkrais Method for more than 40 years. She studied directly with the founder Moshe Feldenkrais. She is the director of Feldenkrais Resources which includes the ongoing development of new educational materials and an active International teaching schedule. Currently, she is the educational director of ongoing training programs in the UK, Switzerland and at the Feldenkrais Institute of San Diego, where she maintains her private practice.